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Twitter flirt fm

September wurde die Stadt vor den Augen der internationalen Gemeinschaft mit türkischer Schützenhilfe von der Terrormiliz umzingelt und angegriffen.

Januar vom Islamischen Staat zu befreien. Citizens in our region lack access to information about current events in the country due to not knowing the country's official language, Georgian. Since receiving our broadcasting license inwe have served as a discussion platform for locals regarding gender equality, youth development, and ethnic minority civic participation.

Broadcast Summary: Radio Marneuli serves as the people's voice of the region by amplifying critical discussions across the municipality of Marneuli, much of which would otherwise remain untranslated for the national and local governments. Locals also use Radio Marneuli to celebrate Azerbaijani poetry, music, and literature.

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Join us for an hour to hear a taste of Georgia and Azerbaijan, including twitter flirt fm folk songs, the saz - an Azerbaijani guitar, and learn about Radio Marneuli's critical role in developing local civil society. We are almost exclusively run by a team of around 60 students and alumni and receive our funding partly through university funds and donations from our generous listeners.

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About the program: This is an excerpt from one of our shows "Rooster Rant" hosted by Smithwick. It is a talk show where he tells personal stories about his past and plays music in between each story.

We are an associative model and most of our talks are produced by volunteers. Radio Campus Rouen is mainly about music and cultural information and we belong to the network "Radio Campus Rouen".

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